100W Flying Mode Code CO2 Laser Marking Machine

- Mar 23, 2018 -

co2 laser marking machine applications:

Materials: Non-metallic materials such as leather, cloth, wood, acrylic, ABS, paper, acrylic, etc.

Fields: glass industry, packaging industry, signage industry, leather products industry, wood industry, especially light guide plate engraving, dot matrix, light guide plate LED panel lighting / LED ceiling / TV monitor / notebook computer display LED backlight panel.

Laser marking machine is divided into:

1、10W watt fiber laser marking machine, 20W watt fiber laser marking machine, 30W watt fiber laser marking machine, 50W watt fiber laser marking machine (mainly used for metal and some non-metal) [LED lamps, watches (table (band, case), mobile device housing, meter scale, aluminum housing, hardware bathroom, electronic IC components, mouse, eggs, packaging boxes, etc.]

2, 50W watt semiconductor laser marking machine, 75W watt semiconductor laser marking machine (mainly used in metal and some non-metal) [lamps, watches, mobile equipment housing, instrument scale, aluminum shell, etc.] to meet the optical fiber laser standards, semiconductor The service life, efficiency and maintenance are relatively lacking. The effect of fiber laser marking machine and semiconductor laser marking machine is the same.

3. American coherent, cutting-edge, domestic Chenrui 10W watt carbon dioxide CO2 laser marking machine, 30W watt carbon dioxide CO2 laser marking machine, 50W watt carbon dioxide CO2 laser marking machine, 100W watt carbon dioxide CO2 laser marking machine, the main non-metal Laser engraving) [Acrylic, leather, cloth, wood and bamboo, plastic, paper cutting, beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, etc.]

The main application industries are: LED lamps, beverage packaging, production date, and number.

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