Laser Marking Machine Replaces Ink Jet Printing Machine

- Jun 09, 2017 -

With the development of science and technology, the laser marking machine replaces the ink-jet printing machine has become a trend of development.
Laser marking machine Marking is a permanent mark can not be erased, it is through the laser directly on the surface of the object of instantaneous gasification, without the aid of any auxiliary tools can be identified by the naked eye, easy to identify consumers. And no consumables, maintenance more convenient. The laser marking machine has broken through the standard and unitary of the traditional ink spurt code technology, create a new way of playing code, highlighting the characteristics of the product and brand differences, to enhance the product in the increasingly fierce market competitiveness, at the same time to shorten the product upgrading cycle, flexible production provides a powerful tool.
With the continuous development of electronic technology, laser and computer technology organically combined, users as long as the computer programming, can achieve laser marking output. It can also be at the same time on several materials or convex irregular surface of the clear marking, with "a dozen double standard" or "Straddle logo" unique effect, not easy to copy. Laser can form a very fine beam, the material surface of the most thin line width can reach 0.1 mm, for precision processing and anti-counterfeiting to create a broad space. Not only can the complex text, graphics, images, light transmission keys, trademark design, barcode, two-dimensional code, product serial number, Autograph ... And so on, any graphics and text displayed on the screen can be immediately punched on the surface of the specified material. Laser marking can also improve the appearance of products and brand-name effect, enhance the market competitiveness of products.
Laser marking machine play random code or anti-counterfeiting code function, can also make each bottle of wine or each small wine bottle cap have a separate code, direct identification, fast and simple, but also prices, promotions and other information sprayed on the wine packaging box, can effectively control the price of wine sales, to prevent market fluctuations.
High-quality laser marking machine can also be in a variety of different materials packaging (such as: wine bottles, caps, etc.) on the high speed and clarity of the printing of a variety of immutable graphics, text, numbers and other information; print a special mark on the product or on the outer package (graphics, text, coding, or the use of laser marking of the special function, effective prevention of counterfeit and shoddy products in circulation and cross-regional sales, channeling goods; in the product packaging and carton packaging to print numbers, bar codes, sent to the ground and other information, and connected to the database system, It can also realize the tracking and tracking of distributors' trans-regional sales, which will help to protect the legitimate interests of manufacturers.

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