Development And Adjustment Of Laser Industry In China

- Jun 09, 2017 -

After years of efforts to develop, China's laser industry has a great change, laser industry in the cutting machine, marking machine, laser welding machine and so on for the country's infrastructure to make an important contribution. In China's various industries, manufacturing enterprises will be based on their own needs of the laser equipment to choose, so our country's laser production is generally equipped with a full set of laser marking machine and laser cutting machine, and for production enterprises to provide relevant training.

China has entered the world of laser production power, with the country for the upgrading of traditional industries and reform work, laser equipment, the application of the production pattern began to continue to form, at present, the rapid development of a good situation. This kind of good situation development makes our country's laser equipment sales market has a great growth space.

But in recent years, China's macroeconomic environment is not good, the laser industry's profits are constantly compressed, especially the traditional manufacturing production funds are difficult to return, directly affect the start-up of enterprises, so the demand for laser equipment has declined, this period, China's laser enterprises need to do a good job of internal adjustment and more input technology research and development.

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