Glass Co2 Laser Marking Machine

1) 80W 100W CO2 Glass Tube
2) 110X110mm 210X210mm marking area
3) High Speed Galvo Scanner
4) Original Ez cad Controller
5) Ez cad software,support PLT, BMP, DXF, JPG, TIF, AI

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Product Details

CO2 Glass Tube Laser Marking Machine 60W 80W 100W

CO2 Glass Tube Laser Marking Machine uses CO2 glass tube as the laser source. It is equipped with a water cooling system which can extend the service life of the laser glass tube and improve marking effect. It is widely used for marking on non-metal materials, such as leather, wood, paper and so on.


Main Features:

1) High precision and fast speed. Marking depth is controllable optionally.

2) Wide application. It can mark most non-metal materials.

3) The marking lines are clear, it can withstands heavy wearing.

4) The optical system is fully sealed, it can prevent the dust enters the body and reduces the equipment failure rate.

Main Applications:

leather, wood, textiles, plastics, acrylic, glass, crystal, stone, MDF, dual-color board, organic glass, paper, jade, agate, non-metals etc.

Technical Parameters:

Machine Model

CO2 80W 100W

Laser Power

Co2 glass tube

Wave length of laser


Marking Area


Cooling Ways

Water cooling

Linear Speed


Sample Show:


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