Dynamic CO2 Laser Marking Machine For Cutting Invitation Card

Dynamic CO2 Laser Marking Machine For Cutting Invitation Card

Dynamic Co2 laser marking machine Imported 180W 250W Invitation card cutting high speed

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Product Details

Dynamic CO2 Laser Marking Machine For Cutting Invitation Card

Brief Intruduction:

As the high-tech product, Dynamic CO2 Laser Marking Machine adopts the technologies of Laser, Optics, Precision Machinery, Electronic technology, PC software technology and Cooling Project.

The machine adopts the 10.64um CO2 laser source, which can satisfy the application in different industries such as marking, cutting, engraving, color removal, paint processing, material micro-processing and etc. The equipment adopts Aluminum frame structure, and the latest motor driving in the whole worktable platform to ensure the stable qualities. The adjustment of laser optical path is droven by two galvanometer motors(XY), and the third axis is droven by pre-scanning gathered system to make a wildly adjustment for focus distance.

Equipment Performance

Dynamic Co2 laser marking machine adopts the technology of pre-dynamic focusing, to display the thinner laser spot, faster marking speed and better effects. Viable with large scale engraving or cutting. Advantages as follow:

1, Compared with traidtional post-dynamic focusing marking machine, it's no necessary for Dynamic Co2 laser marking machine to replace the different flat-field lenses to get different marking area. Thinner laser spot as well.

2, Fully enclosed laser optical system, no adjustment or maintenance needed, working at once after installation viable.

3, Original imported RF laser tube with high laser power, excellent laser spot, stable laser generation and lifetime of more than 20000h.

4, High precision and speed performance with cutting&engraving working, 20% higher efficiency than similar models.

5, Professional industrial thermostatic circulation of water cooling system ensures more stable running and lower consumption.

6, Strict multiply protection control system can be applied in wild operation temperature, to make sure the stable continuous working of 24h of laser marking system.

7, Application under Windows interface, AutoCAD, CorelDraw, Photoshop compatible, PLT, DXF, BMP ect supportive.

8, Especially applies RBI marking with light guild plate or acrylic, and cutting&engraving with leathers and footwears.

Technical Parameter:




Laser Source Model

Coherant E-150

Coherant J2

Laser Wavelength

CO2 Laser 10.64μm

Peak Laser Power



Table Size


Maximum marking area


Worktable Type

Marble Worktable

Marking Speed


Repetition Precision


Laser Frequency


Min.Letter Size


Power Consumption


Laser Source

Coherent Laser Tube or Rofin Laser Tube

File Formats


Output Compatibility

AutoCAD, Photoshop, CorelDRAW etc

Power Supply


Cooling Way

Circulation of Water Cooling

Machine Applications:

Suitable for almost all non-metal materials, including leather, rubber, wood board, bamboo products, organic glass, ceramic tile, plastic, marble, jade, crystal, cloth etc.

Wildly used in industries of arts&crafts, bamboo and wood products, advertising decoration, clothing, plate making for printing on leather, decoration and architectural model.

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