Auto Focus Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Auto Focus Fiber Laser Marking Machine

1)Enclosure Fiber Laser Marking Machine is safe for operator. 2) small shape, save space 3) auto focus function, no need adjust focus distance manually. 4) selectable 20W 30W 50W fiber laser power 5) 2 years warranty 6) Package size:51CM L X 96 CM W X 102 CM H 7) Gross weight: 90KG

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Product Details

Auto Focus Fiber Laser Marking Machine

This Auto Focus Fiber Laser Marking Machine is a fully enclosed fiber laser marking machine. It is portable, flexible, environmentally friendly and energy efficient. This model minimizes damage to the operator from the laser. Built-in smoking and vacuuming device greatly reduces the damage caused by smoke and dust on the lens. It is suitable for the marking of medium and small workpieces, and is equipped with a precise two-dimensional worktable for more convenient positioning. The fully enclosed structure design is suitable for image visual marking, and is also suitable for users with high safety protection level. The Z axis is electric lifting. 

Main Features:

1) Fully enclosed safety protection system, avoid material waste and accidental injury caused by misuse;

2) High electro-optic conversion rate, high beam quality, very small spot size, enabling ultra-fine marking;

3) The nonlinear crystal has long service life, stable operation, high positioning accuracy, high working efficiency and modular design;

4) The device is small in size, light in weight and easy to move;

5) Effectively reduce the damage caused by smoke generated during work;

6) Red light preview: show the marking position before laser

7) Long service life, small size, no need for a huge water cooling system, just a simple air cooling. It can work normally even in harsh environments such as shock, vibration, high temperature or dust.

8) Avoid dust contamination to the optical lens or contamination of the fiber end face

9) Highly integrated structure, no optical pollution and power coupling loss, air cooling, high efficiency, 100,000 hours long life

laser marking machine price

Technical Parameters:

Type specification





Wave length of laser


Laser repetition frequency


Laser power





Marking scope

70*70mm / 110*110mm 

Laser sources

Fiber module

Laser Head

Scanning head

The minimum focus facula diameter


Minimal character


Marking speed


Repeated accuracy


Cooling ways

Force-air Cooling

Power supply

220V / 50Hz / 2kVA

Process Material

All kinds of metal and part of Non-metal Materials

Support format



Standard Crate for export


3C industry, automotive industry, medical equipment, electronic components, electrical products, IT industry, hardware and tools, precision equipment, gift jewelry, high and low voltage electrical appliances



Including gold, silver, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, hard alloy, chrome, titanium plating and other metals, ceramics, PVC, plastic, epoxy, leather and other non-metallic materials.

Stainless steel pipe fiber laser marking

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