Fiber Laser Marking System

Fiber Laser Marking System

1) 20W 30W 50W Raycus fiber laser source 2) 110X110mm marking area 3) Computer with English Vision 4) 2 Years warranty

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Fiber Laser Marking System

Fiber Laser Marking System adopts fiber laser, and then realizes marking function through high-speed scanning galvanometer system. It has the characteristics of good beam quality, fast speed, no consumables, low energy consumption. It is air-cooled, smaller in size, easy to install, maintenance-free, more stable and reliable. The markings are more precise and clear, and have an irreplaceable advantage in areas where depth, smoothness and fineness are more demanding. This equipment has 10W, 20W, 30W and 50W for customers to choose according to their needs.


Main Features:

1. High-quality laser (German IPG brand or China fiber laser optional), good beam performance, long service life, stable performance and maintenance-free

2. Fast marking speed: high speed galvanometer scanning marking speed up to 7000mm/s.

3. High repetitive marking accuracy to meet the needs of repetitive marking

4. Stable performance, supports 24-hour continuous operation

5. Powerful with graphic alignment and red light preview.

6. No power coupling loss, saving operating costs, long laser life, 100,000 hours maintenance free, no consumables

7. Marks a variety of fine and complex patterns that users demand on very small surfaces

8. Supports PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP and other documents, can directly use SHX, TTF fonts, supports automatic marking of coding, serial number, batch number, date, barcode and QR code.

9. It can mark various barcodes and graphic codes, and has reverse marking function to fully meet customer requirements.

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Technical Parameter:



It is suitable for laser marking on metal materials and some non-metal materials, such as PVC plastic steel door and window pipe character marking, beverage bottle production date marking, leather wood material pattern marking and many other functions. It is mainly used in fields with high requirements such as depth, smoothness and fineness, such as clocks, communication industry, and bitmap marking.

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