Development Status And Application Of Laser Marking Processing

- Jun 09, 2017 -

Since the inception of the laser to today, it has a great impact on people's way of life, the current laser is widely used in the marking of electronic components, crafts laser marking, non-metallic materials, etc., laser marking is in laser cutting, laser drilling, laser welding and other technical applications after the emergence of another great innovation, it is a new breakthrough in the processing technology, is a new non-contact processing, no chemical contamination, no wear-resistant new marking processing mode. In recent years, with the increasing application of laser technology, it has been effectively combined with computer science and technology, thus breaking through the other milestone of laser marking processing.

The difference between the laser marking processing technology and the traditional marking technology

Now the laser marking processing technology and the traditional marking process has a huge breakthrough, but also has incomparable advantages with the traditional:

1, the scope of processing materials more extensive, can be a variety of non-metallic and metallic materials marking processing, especially suitable for brittle materials, high melting point materials, high hardness of materials, etc., traditional marking machine can only be used for certain non-metallic materials processing.

2, laser marking processing technology is different from the old-fashioned marking machine, must contact the surface of the processed objects can be processed marking, and after laser technology integration and innovation, laser marking only need to be processed objects on the surface of the concentrated high energy irradiation can be completed marking, this non-contact processing will not only damage the surface of the workpiece, no cutting force, marking the pattern, symbols, text and other quality is very high.

3. The laser beam with high energy density is very fine, so the influence range of processing objects is very small, which helps to reduce the loss of raw materials.

4, with modern automation, computer systems effective combination, so as to achieve rapid processing purposes.

5, can engrave the marking many kinds of code, the numeral, the pattern, the character and so on.

6, for the apparel industry, light industry, metal products, such as anti-counterfeiting labeling.

Second, the development of laser marking processing

Laser marking processing in the domestic development has undergone a long period of development, the core system of laser marking equipment is the marking control system, the control system is also experienced in several stages, beginning with the large-scale era, and then the mirror era, now is the time to this mirror, these different times push the laser marking today's development mode, the semiconductor laser marking machine, the ultraviolet laser marking machine, the optical fiber laser marking machine appearance and the rapid development to present the new challenge to the laser marking. Now most foreign laser marking processing can be divided into three forms.

1, Mask mode marking. A complete or several symbolic form of a laser pulse.

2, array type marking. It is marked with a Hengbian to five columns and a vertical array of seven columns.

3. Stroke type Marking. Through the computer to control the marking of the path in advance to form a scanning movement formation mark.

Nowadays with the rapid development of computer technology, laser marking processing technology in actual production more and more computer technology, and now its application is being valued by various enterprises in China, it is with its powerful advantages to replace the traditional marking method.

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