Brief Introduction Of The Development Of Laser Processing Technology In China

- Jun 09, 2017 -

As the main symbol of science and technology development in the 20th century and one of the pillars of optoelectronic technology in modern information society, the development of laser technology and laser industry is highly valued by advanced countries in the world.

Laser processing is the largest project in foreign laser applications, but also an important means to transform traditional industries, mainly the KW-level to 10kW-class CO2 lasers and the hundred-watt to the KW-grade YAG laser to achieve a variety of materials cutting, welding, drilling, marking and heat treatment.

Laser processing technology is a new manufacturing technology, laser processing technology has played a vital role in the transformation of traditional manufacturing process. In the face of such rapid development of laser processing technology and the fierce competition in the laser market, our country's laser processing technology must strengthen the development of metabolism, which gives the domestic laser enterprise development has brought more opportunities and challenges.
 Domestic laser industry is in the rapid development of 15% of the average speed, some of the domestic laser equipment and light source technology has reached the international advanced level, in the last year, China's laser industry has begun to scale production. As a kind of advanced manufacturing technology, laser processing technology has been used in all walks of life, which plays a very important role in the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry.

In particular, with the development of laser, control and material technology, the research of laser remanufacturing technology is becoming more and more mature, which has become one of the core technologies of remanufacturing. Laser remanufacturing technology has been widely used in mechanical engineering maintenance, but also in metallurgy, chemical machinery, power generation and other fields to play a role.

Laser technology in China after more than 30 years of development, has achieved thousands of scientific and technological achievements, many have been used in production practice, laser processing equipment production average annual growth rate of 20%, for the traditional industrial transformation, improve product quality to solve a lot of problems, such as the laser wool fiber technology in Baosteel, Benxi Steel and other large-scale plant promotion, will change China's automobile cover plate completely dependent on the state of imports, laser marking machine and laser welding machine quality, function, price in line with the domestic market demand, Market share of more than 90%.

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