Development Trend Of Laser Processing Technology Products In China

- Jun 09, 2017 -

Laser processing technology has been a national key support and promotion of the application of a high-tech, especially the Government stressed to revitalize the manufacturing industry, which gives the laser processing technology applications to bring development opportunities. In the formulation of the national long-term Development plan, also the laser processing as a key support technology, because it involves the national security, National defense construction, High-tech industrialization and the development of science and technology, this will raise the laser processing to a high degree of attention, but also to the laser processing machine manufacturing and upgrade bring great business opportunities.
1. High-speed development of laser cutting machine products
In the past few years, the domestic sales of laser cutting machine for the majority of foreign imports of products, domestic products accounted for a small share. With the user's laser cutting technology features gradually in-depth understanding and demonstration of the adoption, led domestic enterprises have turned to the production of laser cutting machine.
2, the laser marking machine will continue to rush
According to the global sales of laser processing system statistics, laser marking machine next to the laser cutting machine, the second largest. In recent years, close to the laser cutting machine sales, accounted for about 1/3 of the total. In China, in contrast, laser marking machine sales have accounted for more than 50% of domestic laser processing sales, in a larger range of occupation of the domestic market, and greatly opened up the application of the industrial field, it can be said that more than the foreign application of the wide range of Shanghai laser marking machine Diode laser marking machine fiber laser marking machine.
3. Laser welding Technology and equipment
Laser welding technology in the domestic application is rapidly expanding, its sales after the marking and cutting. It is mainly used in batteries, electrical appliances, instrumentation, hardware tools and steel, aerospace, automotive and other industries.

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