Application Of Laser Marking Machine In Medical Field

- Jun 09, 2017 -

Usually when we go to the drugstore to buy drugs, we will find in the medicine box has a clear print production date, shelf life, batch number, and other information. Some also have security code, people can use this information to determine the quality of drugs, whether or not fake. This information can be printed without the credit of a coder, a machine used to print text, patterns and other information on the surface of an object. It can clearly print out some of the product information, to facilitate people to identify and identify the quality of the product. At the same time, it also plays a role in the chaos and counterfeiting of the pharmaceutical market.
The pharmaceutical industry is a sensitive industry, especially pharmaceuticals. A mention of drugs, people are exceptionally cautious, after all, this is to heal the sick, careless. So the application of the Code machine is necessary in pharmacy. In the case of the printing of the drug box is commonly used in the laser code machine, that is, we see the drug box on the dot-like printing information. In some large-scale pharmaceutical enterprises, in the production of drugs, a neat arrangement of drug packaging paper in the assembly line slowly slipped, every slide, the code machine on the medicine box on an electronic regulatory code, each of these bar code is the case of the ID card, including the name of the product, specifications, registration information, production enterprises and other information, do not underestimate the electronic regulatory code, the future of drugs from the output to the market circulation has played a very big regulatory role. When the drug output is out of the library, there is a special system to scan it, and then can be uploaded directly to the Chinese drug electronic regulatory network. We consumers in the purchase of drugs, if you want to confirm the authenticity of the drug information situation, you can go to the corresponding website, enter the electronic regulatory code, you can very intuitive understanding of the drug information. This has, to some extent, put an end to the occurrence of fake and shoddy phenomena.
Now the pharmaceutical industry is a lucrative industry, a lot of dealers in the sale of drugs on the idea, so that the drug sales market confusion. Hurt some people's interests. If the production of pharmaceutical enterprises in the production of a reasonable use of the code machine, can effectively improve the situation. In the production can be in the drug small box, large box to give the packaging continuous or associated coding. So the various regions of how to sell the product, the price of what it is, through such a code can be very good to be identified, effectively prevent the movement of goods.
Marking machine in the process of use, if reasonable, can get very good results, but also for people's production and life, as well as social consumption order to bring benefits. But now there are some speculative businesses, for some counterfeit products printed on the formal production date and other information, serious damage to the interests of consumers. Bring Chaos to society

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