Classification Of Pneumatic Marking Machines

- Jul 29, 2017 -

Pneumatic marking machine is generally divided into two categories:

  One is a desktop pneumatic marking machine, suitable for signs, nameplate marking, small workpiece marking (height of 500mm below, easy to move to the table on the marking of the workpiece) and so on.

The second category is portable pneumatic marking machine, suitable for easy to move to the work of marking the workpiece, moving the marking machine head to the workpiece marking, it inherited the original advantages of desktop pneumatic marking machine, in the The applicability of the product has done a lot of improvements to make up for the lack of desktop marking machine, widely used in automotive girders. Motorcycle frame, large pipe, shaped workpiece, nameplate and a variety of easy to move the workpiece mark, the use of light, easy to operate, easy to carry, with the laptop or microcontroller with the use.


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