Fiber Laser Marking Machine Equipment Features Are:

- Jul 24, 2017 -

1. Fast (fiber laser marking machine Suddenly in the ≥ 5000mm / s)

2. High precision (fiber laser marking machine marking accuracy of 0.001mm, followed by temperature drift is also very small, when the work is relatively stable)

3. The effect is good (fiber laser marking machine due to light board delicate, marked out of the graphics text shading is also very uniform and delicate)

4. Long life of life (fiber laser marking machine life can be up to 100,000 hours, count down for 10 years, based on the use of different life will be different but the minimum is more than 5 years)

5. Low power consumption (the whole power of 500 watts that is two hours of electricity)

6. No maintenance (fiber laser marking machine without any maintenance, but if the use of relatively poor environment is recommended to wipe once a month focus lens)

7. Affordable (now fiber laser marking machine prices have been relatively low in a period of time)

8. Small size easy to move (fiber laser marking machine small size and light weight is very easy to move


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