Fiber Laser Marking Machine To Extend The Service Life

- Jun 07, 2018 -

1. In the work, the work format must be higher than the operation format;

2, can not start the equipment when the water cycle is not appropriate;

3. The light pen of the laser marking machine must not touch the beam when it is in operation;

4. When setting off the marking machine, the current must be set to about 5A;

5. If a fault is found during operation, it must be stopped immediately to avoid causing casualties;

6, the use of equipment after a period of time needs to use a clean dry rag to wipe the surface of dust;

7. The laser as the core of a laser marking machine must be carefully moved to avoid breaking due to improper movement;

8. When the fiber laser marking machine is not working, cut off the marking machine and the computer power supply.

9. When the machine is not working, cover the lens of the field lens to prevent the dust from contaminating the optical lens.

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