Fiber Laser Marking Machine With A Small Volume Of Light Weight Development Trend

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Fiber lasers can be coiled because of the optical path, the optical path occupied by a small space in the use of a single wide-emitting area semiconductor pump laser pump source to do the case, the pump laser can be dispersed installation, with good heat dissipation characteristics, the installation density is not high , The use of air-cooled can be installed in the case of high density, only a small amount of water to meet the cooling requirements, therefore, the volume of fiber laser than the same output power of the gas and pulse ytterbium doped fiber laser, This type of laser through a soft metal sheath with a single-mode fiber, the 1070nm high-power laser directly into the integrated equipment (a variety of cutting, welding, marking and other equipment), through the collaterals, re-focus The spot size can be several microns or less. This ultra-high quality laser near the diffraction limit can be used for marking, drilling, or processing different materials. The YLP series offers a very wide range of options for pulse width, repetition frequency, and peak power.


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