Fiber Lasers In Medical Applications

- Jun 01, 2018 -

Nowadays, most of the lasers used for clinical purposes are argon ion lasers, carbon dioxide lasers, and YAG lasers. However, generally, their beam quality is not high, they have a very large volume, they require huge water cooling systems, and they are very troublesome to install and maintain. These are precisely the Fiber lasers can make up for it. Because water molecules have an absorption peak at 2 μm, the use of 2 μm fiber laser as a surgical tool can achieve rapid hemostasis and reduce the destruction of human tissues during surgery.

Ultrafast fiber lasers are currently one of the most active research areas and have very important applications in the medical field. Currently, biomedical experts have used it as an ultra-precision surgical knife for vision correction surgery, which can reduce tissue damage without leaving operative sequelae, and can even perform precise surgery on single cells or gene therapy. People are also studying how to use femtosecond lasers for dental treatment. In addition, with their ultrashort pulses, medical researchers also study their applications in medical imaging. With the development of various researches, the demand for fiber lasers for medical applications will also rapidly increase.

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