General Purpose Laser Engraving Welding Machine

- Mar 17, 2018 -

The general purpose laser engraving machine has the characteristics of high speed, low cost, good welding performance, small heat affected zone and small deformation.

This machine is very easy to operate and people can learn to use it quickly.


We provide general purpose laser engraving welders for the following applications:

1. China Laser Welding Machines Metal Materials and Products: Stainless Steel, Gold, Silver, Copper, Aluminum Alloys, Hardware, Tools, Acrylics, Ceramics, Plastics, Organics, Thermoelastic Rubber, Paper, etc.—General Laser-Welding Welding Machine

2. Automobile and Engineering Industry---General Laser Engraving Welding Machine

3. Electronics industry: Capacitors, inductors, PCB, IC, connectors, control panels and other instruments - General laser engraving machine

4. Others: Cosmetics, Food Packaging, Bottles, Gifts, Advertising & Sign Crafts, Arts & Crafts & Gift Making - General purpose laser engraving & welding machine


1. Fast welding speed, low cost, good welding effect

2. Easy to use, easy to use

3 small heat affected area, processing surface is not easy to deform

4 adjustable welding spot, good welding quality

5. Argon gas protection system

6. Beautiful welding surface

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