How CO2 Laser Marking Machine Works

- Jun 28, 2018 -

Hot and cold processing of CO2 laser marking machine

1, laser marking machine thermal processing technology: thermal processing is through the laser beam of high-density energy, so that the surface of the processed material material evaporation occurs, thereby exposing the deep layer of material to achieve the effect of the mark, because of this Because of the high energy and high temperature of the laser to achieve the effect, it becomes hot processing. Laser marking machines using thermal processing technology include fiber laser marking machines and CO2 laser marking machines.

2, laser marking machine cold processing technology: Cold processing is to use a photon with a very high load of energy, to make the material non-thermal process damage a technology, it is only recently developed a laser marking machine technology. Cold working does not produce thermal effects on the material, which is a very good technique for heat-sensitive materials. The current laser marking machine using cold processing technology is a UV laser marking machine.

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