The Advantages Of The Dot Marking Machine

- Mar 17, 2018 -

1, The handheld portable marking machine adopts a complete LCD control system, which integrates PC, display and control system. It does not need to connect to a computer. It is smaller, saves space, is easier to operate and has higher efficiency.

2. The processed letters, graphics or texts can be saved in the U disk, and then enter the handheld marking machine. The marking machine can work off-line without offline. The operation is more convenient and the work efficiency is greatly improved.

3. Hand-held on-site marking of large equipment, large-scale workpieces such as large pipes, frames, etc.

4. The software has a powerful editing function, you can layout any kind of characters and graphics, and compatible with AutoCAD software.

5. Portable handheld marking machine can automatically mark any logo (characters, letters and graphics, data codes, serial number, VIN code, engine number), supports logos and charts designed in DXF format from AutoCAD, CorelDraw and many fonts. MG Font, SHX Font in Auto CAD, CHR in Borland, and TTF in Windows.

6. Easy to maintain, adaptable, can work in any environment, widely used in many fields.

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