The Latest Development Status And Trend Of Laser Cutting Machine

- Sep 07, 2017 -

Laser cutting contains two aspects of the content, one is to create laser light source technology, the second is the use of laser as a tool manufacturing technology. The former for the manufacturing industry to provide excellent performance, stable and reliable lasers and processing systems, which use the former for a variety of processing and manufacturing for the continuous development of the laser system to provide a broad application space. Both are indispensable parts of laser cutting, not partial waste. Laser cutting has many advantages of traditional manufacturing technology, is a sustainable development strategy in line with the green manufacturing technology. For example, less material waste, low manufacturing costs in large-scale production; programming control (automation) according to the production process, high production efficiency in large-scale manufacturing; close or achieve "cold" processing status, implementation of conventional technology can not be implemented High precision manufacturing; strong adaptability to the processing object, and is not subject to electromagnetic interference, the manufacturing tools and production environment requirements are low; low noise, does not produce any harmful rays and residues, the production process of environmental pollution and so on The Therefore, in order to meet the 21st century high-tech industrialization, to meet the needs of macro and micro-manufacturing, research and development of high-performance light is imperative. At present, we are actively developing lasers with characteristics such as ultra violet, ultrashort pulse, super high power and high beam quality, especially laser light source which can meet the requirements of micro-manufacturing technology, and has become an international competition. It can be predicted that laser manufacturing technology will be its irreplaceable advantages become the rapid popularization of the 21st century high-tech.


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