Working Principle And Characteristics Of CO2 Laser Marking Machine

- Aug 29, 2017 -

CO2 laser marking machine is often referred to as gas laser marking machine, CO2 laser is the infrared light band wavelength of 10.64um gas lasers, the use of CO2 gas into the discharge tube as a laser medium, when the electrode to increase the voltage, Discharge tube in the glow discharge, the gas molecules can release the laser, the laser energy amplification after the formation of the material processing of the laser beam, through the computer control galvanometer to change the laser beam optical path to achieve automatic marking. That is, the use of laser beam irradiation on the surface of the material, light energy instantly converted to heat, so that the surface of the material instantaneous melting or even gasification, thus forming the mark. The laser marking machine has its unparalleled superiority compared with the traditional marking method (printing, marking, electric corrosion, etc.) because of its special working principle: A, non-contact processing: B, material for a wide range: the paper, plastic, ceramics, glass, leather and other different types or different hardness of the material marked on the text; C, low operating costs D, can be integrated with other equipment on the production line to improve the degree of automation of the production line; E, mark clear, permanent can not be erased, beautiful, and so on, and can be used in the production line, And effective anti-counterfeiting; F, long life, no pollution. G, marking speed, greatly improving production efficiency


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