Pneumatic Marking Machine

Whether you want to mark any alphanumeric character, logo or 2D matrix code, this pneumatic marking machine is capable to permanently indent any data onto the metal & non-metal workpiece easily and stress free. Buyers can use this machine as a standalone machine or can integrate with production lines. We are providing this machine to our customers at nominal rates.

The marking machine has a small size, so it is very compact, easy to carry and operate. It is adequate for both flat surface marking and rotary marking on various kinds of metals such as steel, stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum, alloys, etc., and hard non-metal labels and accessories.

The use of double-column linear bearing structure, no lateral gap, more accurate, more freedom, perfect drawing editor, needle and data checking. The pneumatic marking machine is a computer-controlled printing needle that moves according to a certain trajectory in the X, Y two-dimensional plane. The printing needle performs high-frequency impact motion under the action of compressed air, thereby printing a mark with a certain depth on the workpiece.

With a large depth, the mark is directly output through the computer, and the mark is neat and clear. Online printing is achieved by a lattice of higher hardness metals. Its controller can automatically increment the serial number, date, workgroup and marking icon, OCV font or QR code.

With the proficiency of this field, Consure Laser is one of the leading pneumatic marking machine manufacturers in China. And it is equipped with a professional pneumatic marking machine research, quality control department. Welcome to buy high quality product at competitive price from our factory.
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